“I signed up for the service today after making $10K on your $NETE call… you guys are amazing! Excited to learn from the best.” N.D

“ I think i speak for all when i say a big Thank you to Magic.  This has been a great week, but more than that   just appreciate all the hard work, DD, and ideas.  You make a big difference in alot of our lives.  Trading and otherwise. ”  Thanks!! Bill

“Buysellshort.com “I have gained a wealth of knowledge following
BuySellShort videos they are a great way to understand the market moves
and stock charts. I am very impressed with how well this newsletter
keeps us all on the right side of the market. Pick after pick explode
with gains. Questions are answered real time in the chat room, Just
doesn’t get better than this, thanks for all the hard work. ” – Jason
Odachi, Los Angeles, CA

“buysellshort.com has helped me grow my account over the last 6
months. The chatroom offers a fantastic service with the owner
available every trading day for new trades and personal one to one
trading help. I would sign up for life!!” Dave Spittlehouse (Spit)
Hull, UK

“As a complete newbie in the market, I joined here to test the waters and get advice. Had no idea in 45 days I would be at 400% gain. At first I was unsure of how long I would keep my membership. Now, I could not imagine cancelling my subscription. Simply put, this newsletter/chat room is the BEST AROUND. Thanks for everything! See ya in the chat room” John W.

“A couple of years ago I subscribed to your service and did quite well following your advice. That is, until I decided to start listening to other “experts” and lost just about all of my account funds trading options. As soon as I was able to get together enough to start trading again I rejoined your service, hopefully now a wiser trader, and committed to following your recommendations. As of now we are less then four months into 2009 and my account is up an amazing 55%! If you can produce results like this during such difficult market conditions I’d have to be an idiot to think I can do better elsewhere. Been there and done that and don’t plan to be “stupid” again. Thanks…..you are giving me hope for a better financial future for my family.” Steve Childress

“I started full time trading around a year ago and before I found BuySellShort.com I was flat to losing money. Once I found BuySellShort.com and became a member my account almost doubled within the first 4 months! I have learned so much since joining. The videos really explain the plays really well and gives a good understanding of what is going on and what to look for in the coming days. The chat room is a very nice weapon to have, as you get real time updates and if you have a question the room moderators are very gracious to answer any question, which is very nice for a newbie like me. It is well worth the peanuts they charge for this great service, with one trade I paid for the 6 months membership! Thanks Magician” Paul Trahan

“I’ve started investing in the early 80′s and became a full time trader for over a decade. Through this time I’ve seen these news letters and hotshot stock-picking sites come and go. I’ve seen the results of the Magician’s profitable stock selections, so I decided to give it a try. What I found was they selected companies that were undervalued or ready to breakout, in both cases the Magician got you in before the rush of stock chaser. There selections are thought out and are quality companies for the price. He gives you entrees, stop limits and price targets, what more can you for? Usually one trade will cover the cost of the monthly subscription. If you actively trade- join us as we have the power to move stocks, the more members we have- the more powerful the group becomes. Other than being profitable, I believe what sets the Magician’s letter apart from the others, is that he actually really cares about his members.”

D.Walt Silla

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